Empowering Volunteers

Empowering Volunteers

We help eager volunteers get connected to groups that really really need their skills.

By connecting volunteers to each other and to a variety of actions and efforts that they can participate in, they stay engaged and continue being active.

ATNWorks was developed to feed a growing need for a master database of volunteers. Group Admins looking for volunteers can create their own databases of volunteers from members of the network near and far. Admins with approved accounts can contact volunteers directly through the database, which can be filtered by location, skill, or category. Admins can post their needs for volunteers directly with ATNWorks.

Volunteers can apply to any open position. Once they do, a volunteer profile will be created and contact info will be made available to the original poster through their admin panel. Volunteers can view the status of their applications through the Volunteer Dashboard.

All users can set up email alerts to learn about new postings. Volunteers can set an action type, skill, or location alert for opportunities and admins can set alerts for new volunteers by location or skill.

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