Northeast Group Leader Training

The AGN Resistance Training is a 3.5 hour course for group leaders who are just getting started, as well as those who have experience organizing. The goal is to help you see your work within the broader context of this political moment, which is itself part of the rich history of social movements in the US and how we can be most effective in this moment. You’ll learn:

  • Why organizing locally is the best means for creating the future we want for our communities.
  • How to structure and build your group for the long haul
  • How to take concrete steps toward planning actions to be taken by your local group,

You'll meet Kei Williams, your dedicated Regional Coach and learn how they can help support you and your work moving forward. You'll also meet a whole group of other coaches in your area who you can learn from and network with!

We'll need a volunteer to help set up and make sure everything runs smoothly - please email Megan at if you (or a friend) are willing to volunteer!

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