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"Action Together Network (ATN) connects leaders with one another and provides them with support services. ATN acts as a bridge between leaders, existing organizations, cutting-edge tools, up-to-date calls to action, and breaking movement news. ATN members troubleshoot together, share best practices, amplify each others’ efforts, and collaborate on projects. At its core, ATN is part of the connective tissue designed to bring together people from across the movement in productive and mutually-supportive ways.

ATN has grown into a network of more than 1,000 of leaders across the the US and abroad. Groups in ATN range in size and focus: from town, district and county groups to state/regional groups and large national/international organizations."

Connecting Groups

We connect the leadership of grassroots groups to help amplify all of our actions. (more…)

Supporting Progressives

ATN develops resources tailored to the needs of grassroots leaders and groups. We also connect them with cutting-edge tools, up-to-date calls to action, and breaking movement news. (more…)

Empowering Volunteers

We help eager volunteers get connected to groups that really really need their skills. (more…)

For some, it’s your first time organizing.  For others, your activism builds on years of struggle. Nevertheless, we persist, build, and resist together because this battle is for the soul of our country. We are in it for the long haul. We are fighting for our future.

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Volunteer Tools

Group Admins looking for volunteers can create their own databases of volunteers from members of the network near and far. Volunteers can apply to any open position. Once they do, a volunteer profile will be created and contact info will be made available to the original poster through their admin panel.

Users can view the status of their applications/postings through the Dashboard. All users can set up email alerts to learn about new postings.

Organizing Guide

Unite is a practical guide for using social media to build groups for action. It is the collaborative project of movement and community organizers. Group leaders were surveyed and interviewed by Andrea. Their best practices and most important steps in organizing their group, empowering volunteers, and instilling agency in their membership were recorded and compiled for the purposes of helping other groups around the country.

Digital Office Space

WDTM Platform is an online social community organizing toolset developed specifically for this very moment. It was born out of the necessity to solve some apparent issues with social movement organizing on Facebook while trying to embrace some of its finer qualities.

Features include: free membership, unlimited group creation with privacy settings, forums, documents manager, group calendar, project management tool, photos, group activity feed, and more.

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